SA Nationwide Shutdown: Are You Part Of The April 7 Zuma Must Crush Move?


It’s quite obvious that Zuma’s decision to take down all his detractors has placed him on the odd side as millions of South Africans plans for a Nationwide shutdown of all work and school activities in South Africa.

Last Thursday’s show down, where the President shocked all with his massive cabinet reshuffle targeted at detractors, including the head of the controversial treasury, Pravin Gordhan, and his deputy, Mcebusi Jonas, turned the nation into chaos, thereby increasing the move for his immediate removal.

From the look of things, President Jacob Zuma is becoming increasingly isolated as his deputy, top figures in the ANC, and alliance partners lead an open rebellion against his latest cabinet reshuffle.

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Deputy Ramaphosa took a defiant stance against Zuma on Friday following the announced reshuffle. He was quoted as saying the reshuffle, particularly Gordhan and Jonas axing, as unacceptable as it seemed to be largely based on an intelligence report that, according to the EFF, contained no intelligence.

This was also echoed by the top six members of the ANC who claimed that they were not properly involved in the process.

Interestingly, the axed finance minister Pravin Gordhan repeatedly called for mass mobilization against Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle saying citizens needed to “connect the dots” to establish whose bidding those behind the cabinet reshuffle were doing.

“We need to get this organisation of ours into shape to be truly the people’s movement. When three senior officials of the ANC say‚ within 48 hours of each other‚ that ‘we don’t know where these decisions are made’‚ then there is a problem.” he said at a memorial service for ANC stalwart Ahmed Kathrada.

Following this mass agitations from top leaders, South Africans staged a mass protest followed by rounds on social media and WhatsApp, calling for South Africans to in the Nationwide shutdown on Friday, 7 April.

As it is with South Africans, the mass protest was not without humour as various picture-shades of Zuma were raised  as citizens pass their messages across.

ZUma must fall

Though it’s not yet clear where the fresh #ZumaMustFall message originated, the message have been widely circulated calling for South Africans to unite ahead of Friday April 7.

The message reads:

 “So apparently Friday the 7 April is when South Africa will shut down. Every citizen, every city, every one that cares about our country.
Not because of the DA or any political party but because of South Africans.

Do not go to work, or to school or do anything unless you’re taking to the streets in protest.

On Friday, the 7 April South Africans need to take to the streets in masses [Nationwide shutdown]… wherever you are, with signs of protest to make our collective voice heard.

Block highways, stand with your communities, go to political houses, go to prayer meetings, arrange your own marches. Do whatever you can to make your voice heard.

I will no longer be supporting corruption and the evil that has plagued our beautiful country. I will be joining a nationwide shutdown.

On Friday the 7 April the people of South Africa, regardless of race, or political affiliation will stand up against Zuma & every single other corrupt official.

Together, South Africa will rise! #ZumaMustFall #SouthAfricaMustRise

Share this message with everyone you know.”

This was followed by series of tweets where citizens stress the no work/school on the Nationwide shutdown.

This was backed up by a tweet from the former General Secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Unions, and Vice-Chairperson of the Millennium Labour Council, Zwelizima Vavi reiterating to the need for South Africans to keep to the Friday April 7th protest.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Democratic Alliance, Mmusi Maimane tabled another vote of no confidence in Jacob Zuma insisting that Speaker of Parliament Baleka Mbete convene parly as soon as is possible so this matter can be dealt with once and for all.

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In reply to the letter, Mbete said on Sunday that she would prioritize the submissions for a vote of no confidence in Zuma, made by opposition parties in the wake of Zuma’s unpopular cabinet reshuffle.

“Our people are looking to Parliament to play its part and exercise its constitutional responsibilities. South Africans are expecting our institutions of democracy, such as Parliament, to demonstrate decisive leadership,” she said.

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