SA Makes R2.7 Billion From Sales Of War Weapons


Well it seems the high insecurity rates in the countries of the world is really paying off well for countries like South Africa who deal in war weapons.

Report has it that arms industry in South Africa has seen a huge sale of arms to other countries soaring to R2.7-billion last year, including to countries in conflict.

According to the report tabled to the parliament by the National Conventional Arms Control Committee, South Africa sold arms to countries including Iraq, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Nigeria and even Burundi which is still witnessing civil war after President Pierre Nkurunziza extended his term in office by another five years.

Armored combat vehicles worth R44-million were also among the lists of weapons sold by South Africa sold to the waring Burundi last year.

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More to this, President Jacob Zuma revealed to Parliament three weeks ago that he had signed a military treaty with Nigeria in its battle with the insurgent Islamic group Boko Haram.

This deal must have been sealed while Zuma visited the country  to rebuild economic and political ties between the two countries which has been trampled upon by various internal issues.

Nigeria has for some years now been severely attacked by am Islamic sect called Boko Haram which has since its arrival in the country, killed thousands of Nigerians and kidnapped hundreds of villagers and schoolgirls.

Zuma made this deal with the country’s newly elected president  Mohammadu Buhari who has since his resumption, promised to clamp down on the insurgence.

However, the report revealed that so far, South Africa have sold armored combat vehicles worth R64.8-million, artillery for R1.28-million, bombs for R9.7-million and weapons for R31.8-million to Nigeria.

Similar to the issues in Nigeria and several other countries of the world, the country of Kenya has also bought some of their needed arms from South Africa in order to fight out Al-Shabaab which has been crossing the border from Somalia.

Armored combat vehicles worth R13.3-million and ammunition to the tune of R1.6-million has so far been sold to the country.

For Iraq which has been faced with similar troubles like the above mentioned countries, has also bought armored combat vehicles valued at R160.9-million to Iraq, as well as missile launchers costing R44.8-million last year. So also is Azerbaijan which has purchased armored combat vehicles for R26.6-million, heavy weapons for R16.1-million and warning equipment for R37.2-million.

The world is in chaos fighting one insurgence or the other and countries dealing in arms businesses are sure going to benefit from it. Hopefully South Africa is.

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