SA Land Expropriation: I’m Not Hating Whites, I Just Want To Return The land – Zuma


President Jacob Zuma said it’s unfair to believe or express that he’s hating white South Africans just because he’s talking about land expropriation.

Mr President was replying Pieter Groenewald’s response to his State Of The Nation Address (SONA).

The FF Plus leader in his response, referred to Zuma’s comment about some political parties being on the side of the people who stole land.

With that, Groenewald contended that Mr Zuma is pushing up hatred for white South Africans with his land expropriation plans.

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Responding, Zuma argued that his plans for land expropriation isn’t a display of hatred. According to him, the land issue ought to be resolved before it explodes.

He said: “responsible leadership must find a way to avoid that situation…I don’t think it helps to jump into phrases that if somebody talks about land hunger, then he is hating the whites.

“How else would you describe those who own the land? How do you describe them, if you don’t say what happened?

“Affirmative action and black economic empowerment do not demonstrate hatred to white people.

“…Honorable member, it will be wise to disabuse yourself from the tendency that when we talk about land, and we talk about those who own land, you think it is because of hatred. It’s not true,” asserted Zuma.

President Zuma said the country has to come up with a formula, within the parameters of the law to tackle the land problem.

If the land problem remains, “we would be saying there are people who must live without land, when there is land in this country,” added President Zuma.

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At the first day of the SONA debate in Parliament, the leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) party Mmusi Maimane accused President Zuma of stealing Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) policies.

The DA leader referred to President Zuma’s talks about land expropriation, a state-owned mining house and the restructuring of the banking sector.

With that, he said: “Mr President, are you really so afraid of the EFF that you need to steal their policies? You must know that these policies will lead us down the same failed path as Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

“The fact is that your plans have been tried, tested and failed wherever they have been implemented. When you only look backwards, that is where you will end up. And South Africa cannot go back to the past,” Maimane offered.