Best President Ever! Zuma Is Set To Bless More SA Kids


Thus saith the Minister of Social Development, Ms Bathabile Dlamini – “This Government of the people has an obligation of ensuring that children are protected through social assistance program.

More than Sixteen Million Nine Hundred and Fifty South Africans are beneficiaries of social grants.” Yet, Zuma isn’t done. He’s set to increase social support for SA kids.

Speaking at the ‘Child Protection Week’ launch in Braakspruit, the minister divulged that the government spend more than Eleven Billion Rand on social grants.

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According to her, not fewer than 12 million SA kids are social grant beneficiaries. But, honorable Zuma isn’t satisfied. He wants to do more for our kids.

The existing social grant available for children end at the age of 18. Now, the Social Development department is working with the Zuma-led government to create a program that will extend the child support system above the 18 years benchmark.

“We are trying to create a vehicle that will be able to carry our kids from the age of 18. There must be a vehicle that will help them start a life like other children,” Dlamini stated.

Among the long list of the government achievements in the Department of Social Development that Dlamini talked about was the department’s partnership with USAID.

She said the partnership has developed a directory of services for vulnerable children and identified Non Profit Organisations (NPOs) registered with the department.

“This partnership seeks to offer services to vulnerable children in each district in all nine provinces. The directory seeks to promote networking, coordination and referrals among service providers, improve utilization and access of services to SA kids and increase awareness of available resources,” Dlamini explained.

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“I would like to indicate that the first citizen of South Africa; honorable President Jacob Zuma, is also in full support of Child Protection Week…Let us dedicate this week and all 365 day in a year to protect our children from abuse.

As a caring government; we encourage all South Africans to wear a Green Ribbon during Child Protection Week to show support for promotion of the rights, care and protection of the children. (It) is a symbol of Child Protection, life, growth, hope, care, support and commitment,” she added.