‘SA Is In Crisis And Need Urgent Reviving’ Says Archbishop Thabo Makgoba


Cape Town’s Anglican Archbishop Thabo Makgoba said that South Africa is in a state of crisis which needs to be urgently addressed.

Speaking to a gathering of the Socio-Economic Future of South Africa initiative led by religious leaders, business and community organisations, Makgoba said the country is faced with a crisis that was threatening to tear its social fabric apart.

He further added that the crisis could be more serious than any the country has faced since the early 90s and this would send the country into a downward spiral which would take it time to recover from.

Pointing out the high rate of unemployment in the country; the nationwide student protests; poor economic growth; service delivery protests; increased crime cases, and increased corruption among so many other striving issues, the bishop said these were the attributing factors to the crisis.

The urgent need for the initiative was the fact that “those most affected by this deepening crisis are the poorest of the poor, the vulnerable and the infirm”.

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Though not negating the various achievements the country has made since the post apartheid era, the archbishop said one of the devastating problem was the manner in which the country had lost its moral compass. He calls it a historic and epidemic sense of distrust in South Africa which is worse than in the early 1990s.

He therefore called for a special dialogue among various leaders in the country to address issues of reconciliation and distrust. “We can do better” he said.

Few weeks back, the archbishop announced the formation of the initiative, which aims to address various crises facing South Africa.

The objectives of the initiative are “to restore faith and optimism, and to develop a comprehensive strategy for addressing the crisis and to work with government to effect a sustainable turnaround”, and “to restore faith in the ability of this country to achieve a viable, sustainable and better future for all our people.”

He said while business has enjoyed the fruits of liberation, more is still expected for a total liberation of the country’s economy. He added that the coalition is a space to rebuild hope and confidence in South Africa.

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