Revealed! Reason Behind CAA’s Two Days Suspension On SA Express Flights


After suspending all flights for two days, SA Express has announced that they are back on their feet and all flights are back on schedule.

The interruption on the regular flight schedule follows a temporary suspension placed on the airline’s operating certificate over safety concerns by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

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As a result of the interruptions, the managers of the airline had series of meetings with the regulators to resolve the issue while passengers had to be transferred to other flights because their own flights were not allowed to leave the airport. CAA lifted the suspension yesterday afternoon.

The CEO of SA Express Inathi Ntshanga supported the decision of the authorities because to him, safety always comes first. He also emphasized that the problem was not technical but had to do with paperwork.

“The CAA asked us questions around safety; we are a very safe airline. I can tell you categorically that there was nothing wrong with the aeroplane. This had to do with documentation and paperwork and the way it was presented to them. The CAA has the right to make the decision.”

The airline was suspended by the regulator on Saturday after it was discovered that SA Express failed to adequately address the concerns it brought to their notice last month. The CAA made a formal announcement yesterday that the airline is now free to resume regular operations as they have presented all relevant documents required.

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Speaking for the aviation authority, Simon Segwabe says the regulator will continue to monitor the airlines’ entire operation.

“We will change the status of the airline. It has never been grounded – not even a single aircraft before. We were the only airline that had never had a grounding so we have lost that status, we were very unhappy with it but we will address it going forward.”