Government Pumps R110m To SA Domestic Tourism


R110 million has been set aside to promote SA domestic tourism.

This is according to Derek Hanekom, the Tourism Minister who divulged that the development of SA domestic tourism is orchestrated to make the country’s tourist attractions and facilities accessible and affordable for more locals.

While the Minister tabled the department’s Budget Vote in the National Assembly, he said: “SA Tourism has been allocated R110 million to promote domestic tourism this year.

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Amongst several other initiatives, a series of television commercials have been produced telling the stories of South Africans travelling for the first time and how much it means to them. This will inspire others to do the same.”

Hanekom disclosed that the Association of Southern African Travel Agencies and SA Tourism will forge a partnership to infuse leisure into corporate travel.

Also, the department has initiated a project that will help more children visit the World heritage Sites and other attractions managed by the South African National Parks and South African National Biodiversity Institute.

“This will help ignite their curiosity about their country and the many special places to visit. It will also establish their desire to become tourists in their own country,” Hanekom argued.

Thereafter, he asserted that the initiatives are “just the beginning. The promotion of domestic tourism and the creation of opportunities for lower income South Africans to share in the wonders of our country is so important to us, that there is much, much more to come.”

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With that, he disclosed that the department will this year, “enhance signage and information at iconic national heritage sites that symbolize the life of Nelson Mandela…

The potential for this sector is endless. We must ensure tourism creates income and jobs. Indeed, it accounts for about 700 000 direct jobs.

Our establishments have won many global awards over the years. These awards show that our efforts to make tourism environmentally, economically and socially sustainable have made us world leaders in this field,” Hanekom bragged