Trump Must Demonstrate Love For Trade Relations With Africa, SA Demands


While US of A is still in shock about how they ended up with Mr. Donald Trump as their President, South Africa’s Portfolio Committee on International Relations and Cooperation demanded of Trump to demonstrate love for trade relation with Africa.

The Portfolio Committee asserted that the United States’ President-elect must continue to deepen aid and increase trade relations with Africa.

Congratulating Trump for his victory, the Acting Committee Chairperson, Mr. Bheki Radebe welcomed the spirit with which the candidates competed in the election, and the ease with which defeat was conceded.

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“It is democracy in action when the less popular candidate wins and the loser graciously accepts,” stated Radebe.

Thereafter, he remarked that the “African continent has historical relations with the United States that dates back into history.”

With that, Mr. Radebe urged Trump to discard every intent to abandon Africa. He said:

“President-elect Trump should continue in that spirit (historical relations) and deepen aid and increase trade relations with Africa. The truth is that the United States needs the world and the world needs the United States for stability and a prosperous future.”

Citing Trump’s victory speech, wherein he promised to be a President for all Americans, Radebe added that “President-elect Trump has an opportunity to demonstrate to the world that he is for development and prosperity, in line with his campaign message of making America great again.”

President Zuma expressed similar sentiment in his congratulatory message to Donald Trump. Mr. Zuma remarked that he’s looking forward to working with Trump to build on the strong relations that exist between the two countries.

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Zuma also specified that South Africa is anticipating working closely with the new Administration in the United States towards promoting peace, security, and prosperity around the world, especially on the African continent.