SA Crime Statistics: Murders, Drugs, Hijacking And Stock Theft All Soared


The official opposition party of South Africa, the Democratic Alliance (DA) party wailed over the latest SA crime statistics urging the Police Minister  Nathi Nhleko to step up and protect South Africans “or step off”.

DA’s displeasure follows the release of SA crime statistics which showed that there have been 116 more murders between the first half of 2015/16 and 2016/17.

Also, the stats revealed an outrageous 14 113 more drug-related crimes, 1 053 more car jackings and 691 more stock theft cases.

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With respect to that, the DA indicated that they will call on the Police Minister to account for the soaring crimes in Parliament.

He must table a plan of action to deal with violent crime and murders which the portfolio committee can carefully monitor, charged the party.

DA contended that the action plan is necessary because South Africans feel unsafe in their homes, on the street and in their places of work.

“War is being waged in our communities, costing thousands of lives each year and traumatizing countless others. This should not be the case,” DA stated.

Furthermore, the party asserted that “very little progress has been made in effectively combating crime.” And, that the promised interventions, such as specialized units, have been sidelined.

To them, it’s apparent the ruling party (ANC) are more concerned with their internal battles and politicking than they are with making South Africa safe.

“It is high time that Police Minister Nhleko gets his priorities straight, takes control of his department and focuses on ensuring South Africans are kept safe, or he must do the honorable thing and resign,” DA demanded.

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Thereafter, the party expressed that it’s been long it called for the reintroduction of specialised units to target specific crimes such as drug-related crime, rural safety and hijacking.

“South Africans can no longer wait. It is time for the Minster to step up or step off,” DA agitated.