SA Can Not Easily Get Rid Of Zuma, At Least Not Yet – Analyst


The long fights to unseat the President, Jacob Zuma takes another crash as members of the parliament failed to win bid for the motion of no confidence in Zuma.

Zuma stands as one of the topmost politicians who has from his very first time as a leaders, been faced with series of trials that would have taken down any other political leader. But for Zuma, his trials seem to make him stronger, firmer and more decisive.

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Of all the years, 2016 stands the most crucial year for Zuma. From rape scandal, to series of corruption allegation like the Nkandla sagaSpy tape and the explosive State Capture report, among many others; Zuma pulled through them all.

The recently concluded motion of no confidence in Zuma which was meant to see Zuma off the presidential seat, failed yet again as African National Congress (ANC) MPs rallied behind President Jacob Zuma, voting down a motion of no confidence in his leadership on Thursday.

The Democratic Alliance (DA), who first moved for the motion against Jacob Zuma, sought for a maximum support of the MPs but was turned down as the ruling party rallied round Zuma.

Despite some stirring‚ often scathing arguments from opposition members, the debate finally ended at 214 to 126‚ with 58 MPs not voting.

The ANC’s Malusi Gigaba told MPs the fight wasn’t about Zuma, but a battle for control of the country’s political and economic destiny.

Ministers Malusi Gigaba and Nomvula Mokonyane defended Zuma, slating the motion as a bid for regime change.

“The motion we are debating today is really a phantom to mask the essence and nature of opposition politics in our country, and their quest to gain power by other means than the ballot box, using a black face to protect the interests of the white minority.”

“This so-called state capture has become the most recent Trojan Horse inside which the DA Spartans have hid in their new spurious attempts to waylay democracy.”

Before the debate could even begin‚ the sitting descended into a heated verbal sparring match between EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu and ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu over whether the ballot could be held in secret.

Shivambu called for a secret ballot to be held to avoid any potential victimization of ANC members who did not vote along party lines. He was promptly told to take his seat because there was no provision in the rules allowing a secret vote.

What followed were heckling‚ insults and several interruptions as the argument continued. “Why are you afraid of the secret ballot‚” shouted somebody. Deputy Speaker Lechesa Tsenoli had his hands full trying to restore order as his requests were ignored.

The Economic Freedom Fighters at a time referred to Zuma as a dictator who would soon rename the country “Gupta land” .  

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Reacting to these growing calls for Zuma’s immediate removal, a political analyst said South Africans are yet to work the talks on seeing Zuma out.

“Showing Zuma the door out of the presidential house will never be easy until all citizens, like one body, agree to pursue the dream” he said as he called for a unanimous agreement to restore SA’s glory.