Running Away From Twitter Hackers? – Run No More, Here Are Ways To Keep Them Off


Someone reading this post might ask, “Hey, who are hackers? Are they human beings, animals or robots or probably spirits?” Chill, I will tell you. Hackers are generally referred to as ‘villains’. Yes, in a computer security context, someone who craves to make use of weaknesses found in a computer system or network for personal gain or otherwise is referred to as a hacker.

So you see, hackers are humans beings with flesh and blood. There are several reasons why they hack peoples’ accounts. Profit making, protest, enjoyment, challenge and defamation are some of the reasons that propel hackers to swing into action.

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Studies have shown that hackers are classified into groups. They include: White Hat Hackers, Black Hat Hackers, Grey Hat Hackers, Blue Hat Hackers, Hacktivist, Script Kiddie, Elite Hacker and Neophyte.

A white hat hacker breaks security with no intention of stealing or damaging data. White hackers most times work for security companies or test their own security system.

A black hacker breaks into networks to steal data, modify, render users useless by frustrating their network accessibility. Black hackers are simply illegal computer criminals who invade users privacy for personal gains. They are also called “crackers”.

Twitter Hacker

A grey hacker does not break security system for personal gain rather, they do it to alert an administrator of a system or network security error or malfunction. They usually keep their eyes on system errors and ways of eradicating the errors.

A hacktivist is a hacker who utilizes technology to divulge religious, social or political news to people.

Elite hackers are hacking gurus. They are exceptionally skilled and as such, take pride in breaking security systems.

A neophyte is a novice in hacking. He has little or no experience in technology or hacking ethics.

A script kiddie breaks into security systems with the help of other peoples’ tools. As the name suggests, a script kiddie has little skill in hacking.

Ways To Shut The Door Against Hackers

• Create very strong passwords

• Make use of login verification

• Stay away from 3rd party applications and websites

• Another way to ward off hackers is by changing your password at intervals. For real?, yes! it works.

• Ensure that your phone Is safe at all times. Very Important

• Ensure that you have a regular review of applications that share your twitter account

• Choose your followers. Don’t pick up everybody.

• Make use of Anti-virus software and Firewall

• Protect your account with a VPN- Virtual Private Network. This is necessary especially when you are surfing the internet at places like airports, corporate offices or even at WiFi Hotspots. For WiFi Hotspot, always protect your account with WiFi security feature.

• Be alert, take note of hackers phishing. Phishing simply means messages demanding your twitter username or password. Not only that, hackers also ask for email username or password. Do not fall for their tricks. Once the get the password or username, they gain access to your followers and flood their accounts with unsolicited pictures and messages.

• Do not lose attention before gaining entrance into your account. Always ensure that you are on before providing login information

• Do not jump into websites with shortened URLs. Always verify their sources by pasting them on URL longer services. URL Expanders for Internet Explorer or URL Expanders for Firefox are definitely good for this purpose.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get up, grab your phone and log in!

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