Female Students Hit The Road Naked To Call For Action Against Rhodes University Sexual Offenders

The female students of Rhodes University in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape on Tuesday literally hit the road in protest while displaying their breasts and and bras. The angry students blocked off one of the roads leading to the campus (Prince Alfred road) and refused to move until Rhodes University sexual offenders are brought to book.

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This unusual protest follows tension that erupted at the university when hundreds of students started searching residences in an attempt to catch alleged rapists and also threatened to disrupt the academic activities 11 names of male students accused of rape were posted on the social media.

Meanwhile, the management of Rhodes University says it has been engaging with its Students Representative Council (SRC) to put an end to the protests. But, protesters say management has failed to meet up with their demands which includes the removal of a member of the SRC accused of sexually assaulting a woman on campus.

They insisted that disciplinary action must be taken against those accused of rape on the campus. Some of the students expressed their concern over the possibility that rape culture exists in the institution.

Professor Wim de Villiers says the disrespectful treatment the women in South African get is societal problem that continues to spread.

“Rape culture is an issue we deal with as a nation, as a country. It’s also internationally something that we see more and more on campuses.”

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Gorata Chengeta who is a student activist says, “What’s going to happen to people who are already being aggrieved? The sentiment that I’m getting from people is that we can’t really move forward because we don’t feel like management has really taken into account the gravity of the situation.”

The management of Rhodes has set up a team to look into the Rhodes University sexual offenders and the sexual violence trending on campus.

The demonstrations continues as police arrests some students.