We’re Looking For Alternatives, ANC Is Not Pro-Black – Rhodes MustFall Movement


Ntokozo Qwabe, a leader of the Rhodes Must Fall Movement said the ANC government isn’t pro-black and that the student movement is looking for an alternative party that will fully back the interest of the black community.

Citing the Marikana shooting and the recent Rhodes University protest, Qwabe asserted that the Rhodes Must Fall Movement “have every reason to be suspicious of the ANC and the abuse of state power.”

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According to him, the student movement is dis-enthralled and disappointed with South Africa’s ruling party.

“This is not a government that is pro black. The ANC doesn’t get it, and we have reconciled ourselves with that…We are being forced to look for alternatives,” Qwabe stated.

The Rhodes Must Fall Movement leader was addressing reporters about the Cape Town Obz Cafe incident where he and another activist refused to tip a white waitress.

Telling his version of the tale, Qwabe emphasized that it’s important to “distinguish between the story as it happened, and the story as it is told by the media.”

He related that he wasn’t the one who wrote “We will give tip when you return the land” on the till slip. But nonetheless, acknowledged that he endorsed the statement.

Qwabe disclosed that it was Wandile Dlamini, the transgender activist who wrote on the slip but added that it was not intended to be malicious.

“It was not a moment of spitefulness, or dickness (SIC)” he said, “the act was not about the waitress.”

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With that, Qwabe wondered why the ANC is yet to distanced itself from the comment made by Yonela Diko, the ANC Western Cape spokesperson who described the Cape Town Obz Cafe incident as a “borderline criminal behavior”.

“We have not seen the party attempting to distance itself from anything that spokesperson said. We understand now and it is clear that this will be our relationship with the ANC going forward,” Qwabe remarked.