Rev Mpho Tutu Ousted As Executive Director Of Parents’ Legacy Foundation, And It Has Everything To Do With Her Marriage


Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu’s daughter, Rev Mpho Tutu, the executive director of the Desmond Tutu and Leah Legacy Foundation has been ordered to step aside from her position as the director of the legacy foundation.

Roger Friedman, the spokesman of the legacy foundation has confirmed the development explaining that Rev Mpho Tutu will have to leave her position to enable the establishment of a well structured administrative functionalities that will strengthen the relationship between the legacy foundation and its partners.

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“The board of the foundation has asked its executive director, the Reverend Canon Mpho Tutu, to step aside while a process is undertaken to tighten administrative procedures and practices and mitigate potential for perceived conflicts of interests between the foundation and its partners,” Friedman said.

While Friedman added that “outcome of the process would determine Tutu’s future”, there are insinuations that the Archbishop’s daughter was butted-out because of her marriage to Professor Marceline Van Furth.

In fact, City Press reported that the board members of the legacy foundation “threatened to resign en masse if action was not taken to ameliorate the implications of Tutu’s marriage to a professor with links to her parents’ foundation.”

Although insiders commented that Rev Mpho didn’t misappropriate the foundation’s funds, they revealed that some board members have resigned from the legacy foundation due to some issues they were having with her. As related, “their unhappiness stemmed from the implications of the reverend and Van Furth’s marriage.”

Worried about her general conduct as the executive director of the legacy foundation, the board referred to finance and governance concerns springing from a possible conflict of interest between Rev Mpho and her wive (or is it husband? pardon me, I sincerely don’t know who is which) as the reason for their call to have Rev Mpho to step down.

It was further related that Rev Mpho’s partner helped the foundation secure about R35 million donation three years ago, and that Rev Mpho’s parents are in support of the board’s decision to suspend their daughter.

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