Renowned SA Analysts Predict What Will Happen If The ANC Doesn’t Elect Cyril


In as much as we hate to say it, the bitter truth remains that the ANC is not going to have an easy ride – election-wise – next year.

On several occasions, the ruling party caucus had assured South Africans that it would peacefully ensure that Zuma’s successor is enthroned.Anyway, that’s what everyone looks forward to.

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But the big question remains, between Zuma’s likely successors (Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa and Zuma’s ex-spouse Nkozasana Dlamini-Zuma), who is more likely to smile home as ANC’s next leader and possibly South Africa’s presidential candidate?.

I tell you, the aforementioned question is the dreaded question, it is the heart of the whole saga. Nevertheless, we will know the answer with time.

Ahead of the election, many South African political analysts admitted that the country will really feel the impact of one of ANC’s most crucial democratic decision come 2017.

In a recent interview, political analyst Ralph Mathekga expressed affirmed that the political stage would be taken over by the ANC, where they would be requested to flex their political muscle and prove to all and sundry that it is old enough to handle its own issues.

The renowned analyst upheld that it will be the year of the ANC, and South Africans will see a lot of wrangles within the party.

He also alleged that “Business elites and interest groups from outside the country will also try to influence the outcome of the ANC elective conference.”

Another political analyst Elvis Masoga concurred with the first speaker, adding that next December would be a make-or-break year for ruling party.

“The ANC’s national elective conference presents the last opportunity for the ANC to continue to survive or perish,” Masoga said.

An apparently blunt Masoga, however warned that if the ANC fails to Ramaphosa, it would crash and die.He said he believes the deputy president holds the master key for the ruling party’s survival.

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Six candidates have so far indicated interest to replace President Jacob Zuma as ANC leader and Ramaphosa and Dlamini-Zuma are seen as the frontrunners.

Well, i hope the ANC will live up to expectation in 2017. For now, i will wait till the ANC gets to the bridge because only then would we know how they will cross it.

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