Referee Shot Dead After Issuing A Player Red Card


Pro football periods always leave people anxious over the players’ safety. You could find players having concussion or other life threatening injuries. Worst of it all is when a player or a referee is physically attacked by another player who had been hurt while the game was in progress. This act leaves people wondering if these after match behaviors was really worth it.

This was the case with Cesar Flores, a referee who was shot by a footballer few moments after he issued the player red card at a soccer match in Argentina.

The incident, which took place in Campo de la Ribera, the provincial capital of Cordoba, Argentina, on Sunday, saw the man run onto the pitch and pull a gun from his backpack as the game was being played.

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According to local reports, the player retrieved a gun from his bag after receiving the red card and returned to the field and shot the 48-year-old referee.

Cesar Flores, 48, was shot three times, in the head, chest and neck, by the attacker who is still at large and being hunted by authorities.The attacker was apparently sent off for flooring an opponent during the game

“It all happened during the match…we don’t know what happened with the referee but the player was angry and went to get his gun and killed him.” police spokesman reported.

Again, a 25 year-old Walter Zarate was shot on the chest by the unknown player but he survived as he was rushed to hospital. Report said he is still recovering. The player is yet to be found.

Cases like this is no news in sports especially in soccer. Time story in 2014 revealed that there were more than a dozen deaths around the sport that year and in May 2015, sport was suspended in the country after one of the country’s players Emanuel Ortega, a 21-year-old fourth division soccer player died after he was pushed into a concrete pillar by an opponent during a game last week.

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