Record Label Ambitiouz Releases Official Statement On The Mass Exodus Plaguing The Stable


Record Label Ambitiouz Entertainment has confirmed that three artists including A-Reece; Fifi Cooper and B3nchMarQ are no longer under their management.

This was confirmed in an official statement released by the label in response to the allegations made by the aforementioned artists on social media last week. The statement reveals that the label is aware of the allegations, but cannot provide elaborate information on what transpired.

Notwithstanding, it confirmed that its former artists – Fifi Cooper, B3nchMarQ, A-Reece and Flame have left the label. Also, the label revealed that the matter has been taken to the courts.

An excerpt from the statement reads;

“This is the official statement from Ambitiouz Entertainment Management. Ambitiouz Entertainment is aware of all allegations made between management and artists; Fifi Cooper, B3nchmarq, A-Reece and Flame; with concerns expressed on various social media platforms and music released outside of the label. We can officially confirm that the above-mentioned artists are no longer under the management of our label.”

Read the full statement from record label Ambitiouz Entertainment here;

Last week, Fifi Cooper, A Reece, and B3nchmarq took everyone by surprise when they took turns to announce their departure from the record label. The trio caused quite a frenzy on Twitter on Friday afternoon after taking to social media to announce that they no longer have any ties with the label. Meanwhile, there was no explanation for their sudden departure.

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A Reece tweeted;

“To whom this may concern the most: The fans. I would like to say that I’m no longer a part of @AmbitiouzEnt as of now moving forward.”

Fifi Cooper also announced her departure from Ambitiouz Entertainment via her Twitter handle;

“Yoh listen, note that I am no longer an @ambitiouz_entertainment artist. It’s been good but all good things come to an end. Fifi Nation, still yours the whole time. . . I’ve decided to push Fifi Cooper under fificooper’s Record Label MòCooper Records. I’ve learned I’m ready and it’s TIME!!!!”

Similarly, Fifi’s label mate and one half of B3nchmarq P Jay also followed suit and announced that B3nchmarq is no longer a part of Ambitiouz;

“To the #TamatiGang. We would like to say that we’re no longer part of #AmbitiouzEnt as of now moving forward.”

Following the shocking exodus of top-notch artists from record label Ambitiouz Entertainment, rapper Emtee has been called out for being a ‘snitch’. Twitter didn’t waste time in accusing the rapper of betraying his counterparts when it became clear that he wasn’t leaving the label like they did.

It was so bad that B3nchmarq tweeted Emtee, expressing his disappointment. He equally accused him of selling his soul by staying with the label.

The record label has been accused of buying Emtee a house and car. This was seen as a strategy to make him stay on board and thus make other artists appear “ungrateful”. Notwithstanding, the Roll Up hit maker refuted the claims, saying he bought not only himself, but his family and friends, a house. The rapper maintained that he is still with the label because he is comfortable there. In fact, Emtee says the record label will continue to be successful as long as he’s still part of it.