Malema Left ANC Because Zuma Won’t Stop Molesting Without Vasline


Did you know honorable Zuma was molesting Juju? He did it with no Vaseline. Common, I’m not being naughty.

This report is about Malema’s response to daddy Zuma’s insinuation that he and his party cannot be trusted.

Yes, his response is like you imagined it. However, it’s a bit more than you imagined. Let’s just say it’s such response Ayanda Mabulu the ‘porn artist’ would like to portray in his paintings.

The President was campaigning for election in Ikageng township outside Potchefstroom, North West. There, he insinuated that it’s absurd to trust the EFF leader who once vowed to die for him.

He said: “There is a new (party) which I am also forgetting its name. But, I always recognize its leader (as) ill-disciplined, misbehaving and he was sacked; expelled from the ANC.

Very angry he formed an organization for revenge. There is no political objective but the objective is revenge because he was chased away.

Why should you worry about such an organization? I always wonder if I was to vote for that organization what is it that I am voting for? Ill-discipline, no respect, rude language?

That man used to say ‘the ANC is in my blood; I have the DNA of the ANC’. He used to say ‘I will die for Zuma’. How do you trust now that he means what he says?” Zuma asked.

A Dumb Dying Donkey’s Last Kick

Responding, Julius Malema asserted that Zuma is a fool. A dumb dying donkey trying to get the last kick.

“Zuma is dumb,” he said. “He is the number one fool, and it took me one year after the Polokwane conference to realize that he is dumb.”

Malema described the President’s remarks about him and his party as the “last kick of a dying donkey.”

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With that, he explained that he left ANC because “Zuma wanted to continue molesting me without Vaseline. Everyone must be regretting supporting this man. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to live to correct those mistakes,” Juju added.

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