EFF Welcomes Ravensmead Residents Who Are Fed Up With DA’s Lies


The EFF in Western Cape welcomed some Ravensmead residents who on the basis of being tired of hearing lies, have decided to abandon the Democratic Alliance (DA) to join the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Western Cape EFF welcomed new councilors and members into the party’s fold at its Cape Town headquarters on Thursday.

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The EFF has allegedly recruited at least 2,000 new members recently and the numbers keep growing says the party leadership.

The newly recruited including Ravensmead, Gugulethu and Overberg members got their own red t-shirts handed to them by the freedom fighters.

Some disgruntled Ravensmead residents lamented that the main reason they are leaving the DA is because the party has done little or nothing to advance the living conditions of coloured voters in the province.

A resident who couldn’t contain his disdain said, “they are corrupt, they lie to us coloureds.”

Another resident lamented, “We are standing here, we haven’t even got work. Now it’s voting time.”

For former Ward 25 Councillor Freddie Kearns who also defected, he lost faith in the DA when the party spent hundreds of millions of rands just to change the city’s logo. For that Kearns says he’s had enough of the deceit and empty promises which has always been the order of the day for the DA.

“I was just fed up with all the lies. They have been blaming the African National Congress for a lot of things, but not exposing their own thing.”

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In the bid to rub the loss on the opposition party’s faces, the EFF leadership has urged its new members to gather their former blue t-shirts so that they will be put in a box and sent to the DA’s offices.

The defectors accused the DA of always blaming the ANC for everything while hiding skeletons in their closets.