‘I Would Rather Die Than Resign’, Zuma Reportedly Said


President Jacob Zuma insists on not yielding to people’s call for his resignation, saying resigning is not part of the Zulu culture.

The president, who was speaking in reply to his brother Michael Zulu’s persuasive plea for him to resign for the sake of his life, said he would rather die than hand over power.

News media reported that a close source to the Zuma family disclosed that President Zuma said it would be disgraceful to the Zulu culture if he heeds people’s call for resignation

 “Ngeke, resigning? Then I call myself a Zulu? No it will never happen; I will die fighting than disgrace the Zulu people” Zuma reportedly said.

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President Zuma’s brother, Michael related on Sunday the family’s concern over how Zuma risks his life by turning blind eye to the public’s growing anger against him.

Michael Zuma’s call followed another call by ANC veteran Winnie Mandela, for a fresh leadership in the party for the sake of the country.

Meanwhile, BuzzSouthAfrican reported that the ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu has written to Parliament’s rules committee to propose a change that would prevent any further criticism of President Jacob Zuma by “abusive” MPs in the National Assembly.

This follows Zuma’s call on the Parliament to do something to the growing insults he receives from members of the parliament anytime he visits the house.

“I’ve put that matter before the rules committee so that they can deal with that matter,” Mthembu said pointing out that he tabled before the house to debate on how to handle insults reigned on Zuma by members of the house.

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If you need people to be removed, let them be removed immediately so that we are able to proceed with matters that are before the house. He said.

Opposition party, the DA, however, said it would oppose such a rule.