Rapper AKA Pledges Support For ANC, Says He Will Never Perform For DA And EFF


In the wake of political rallies and campaigns, a good number of artists receive an invitation to perform at political events. The invitations must have overwhelmed rapper AKA as he took to twitter to bare his mind on what he thinks about these political parties.

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A lot of other artists have aired their views about performing for parties especially the ones they do not necessarily support, but AKA seemed to outshine the others with the manner in which he tackled the issue.

Rapper AKA took to Twitter on Wednesday evening and shared his political views with his followers in a rather lengthy tweet.


In his tweet, he revealed that he has been approached to perform for the DA on several occasions, but always turned them down. And for the fighters (EFF), he said he will never again perform for them no matter how attractive the money is but confirmed: “I’ve even performed at 2 EFF parties.”

But said, “I’ve turned down every request of the DA to perform at their events.”


Rapper AKA, who has performed at several ANC occasions, pledged his support for the party he believes holds a bright future in the country. Adding that he will continue to support the ANC because his support for the party “is rooted in my ability to build myself a great life during its governance of my country”

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Being a father, he also believes that the party represents the best future for his daughter, though he acknowledged the fact that the party is not perfect.

However, the rapper encouraged his followers to feel free and support whomever they want, because it’s not “Chiefs vs Pirates, bro”

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