Pick Your Placards And Join Cyril Ramaphosa’s #BlessersMustFall Campaign 


Our precious Deputy President would perform well as a Minister of women affairs. Okay, that’s a lame innuendo. First, the man wants to be the next SA president. Don’t he?

Secondly, it’s not sensible to provoke laughter with such serious issue like the plight of women in SA. I apologize. But, i was just saying the deputy President cares a lot for our women. 

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Zuma’s Assistance launched a national campaign for our girls and young women today. And, he want’s all South Africans to raise #BlessersMustFall placards with him.

Common, that was figurative. You can’t expect Ramaphosa to walk South African streets with #BlessersMustFall placards. Hello? he’s Mr Deputy President.

He’s only asking you kick against the activities of ‘blessers’ whichever legal way you could.

“This innovative campaign aims to mobilize all sections of society to address five critical challenges facing young people.

These challenges include the high number of new HIV infections among adolescent girls and young women, high rates of teenage pregnancy, poor retention of learners in high schools, high rates of sexual and gender based violence, and high rates of youth employment,” Ramaphosa stated.

“Despite our remarkable success in saving lives through the provision of free treatment for people living with HIV and AIDS, it is estimated that nearly 2 000 girls and young women between the ages of 15 and 24 get infected by HIV in this country each week.

This is highest rate of new HIV infections in any age or gender category,” he lamented.

The Deputy President added that the estimate is one of the highest rates in the world, and the reason for the “ambitious and innovative campaign targeting (the) group of highly vulnerable young people.

This campaign is informed by the knowledge that HIV thrives on ignorance, in conditions of poverty and in situations of unequal gender relations. It thrives on unsafe sex, destructive behaviour and the abuse of alcohol and drugs,” he said.

He also talked about how the campaign will reach out to men.

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“It will encourage men – both young and older – to use condoms, stick to one sexual partner and not to prey on younger girls and women. It will encourage men to play a central role in promoting safer sexual behaviour and in bringing an end to violence and abuse,” Ramaphosa disclosed.