“ANC Is Not For Sale”, Ramaphosa Wars Against Buying Votes


South Africa’s Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa has picked up a fight with the “new tendency” of buying votes in his party.

According to Ramaphosa, certain ANC entities are currently offering ANC members money in order to buy support for some individuals ahead of the ANC elective conference coming up in December this year.

At the event commemorating the 22nd anniversary of Joe Slovo’s death, the deputy leader charged that the African National Congress (ANC) isn’t for sale.

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Addressing ANC and SACP (South African Communist Party) supporters at the grave of the late communist party’s leader, Mr Ramaphosa wailed that “a new tendency has come into our movement.”

“Money” he said, “is now able to buy votes. They say: ‘vote for so-and-so and we will give you R5 000 or R50 000.’ Vehicles are full of cash’.”

With that, Ramaphosa reiterated that ANC will never be up for sale. He said:

“Those who may want to sell the ANC or a portion of it must know: It’s not for sale. It can never be bought. That’s what Joe Slovo taught us.”

Afterwards, Mr Deputy President talked about Slovo saying “he was the type of leader who did not say: ‘do as I say, but not as I do’.

“…Today we have leaders who always stand up on platforms, say a lot of things, but do the opposite,” Ramaphosa asserted.

To him, Slovo was a leader that never insulted those that refused to agree with him. “He would argue his point. When he did, he was not insulting,” said the Deputy President.

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He further related the late communist party leader’s attributes to those of the current ANC leaders. And, expressed that it’s uncool for those who stood up against certain things in the ANC to be abused.

Also, he asserted that certain ANC leaders are unwilling to admit that they were wrong, but would readily blame others to cover their faults.

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