Watch Radio Jock Phat Joe Resign From East Coast Radio On His First Day At Work


Few hours after radio personality Phat Joe officially announced that he has left Metro FM for East Coast Radio, he shared a post about his supposed resignation from his new gig.

The clip led to an uproar on the social media after the radio jock tweeted that he had resigned from East Coast Radio on his first day at work. He jokingly suggested he just broke a record which must be acknowledged.

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“Today I resigned from East Coast!!! First day on…Last day on!!! Somebody call the Guinness Book of World,” read the tweet.

Consequently, Joe followed the post up with a video of himself throwing a fit at the studios. He was captured smashing his welcome cake in the face of a producer, who was trying to calm him down.

Oblivious of what was happening, the producer had stormed into the studio in a bid to stop Joe from leaving. Unfortunately, his intervention made Joe’s temper rise and he ended up throwing a cake in his face.

Finally, shortly before the video ended, Joe walks back into the studio, laughing. Other colleagues also burst into laughter.

The video has since gone viral.

Joe’s tweet quickly placed him on the trends list. However, fans started questioning if it is true that he actually resigned on his first day.

But hey! It was a mere joke and a little stunt to shake you up. Radio personality Phat Joe has come to stay and is going nowhere.

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As revealed on Monday, Phat Joe has bid farewell to Metro FM. He will be hosting a daily drive-time show from 3pm until 6pm every weekday on East Coast Radio.

Apparently, he feels it’s time to move on from his much-honoured gig on Metro FM.