Radio Legend Bob Mabena Enlightens Us On Breaking Boundaries


Musician and local radio legend Bob Mabena recently shared his journey to being a respected broadcaster which was filled with vicissitudes.

It was a journey bedevilled by hardship and challenges, including being racially abused for trying to break boundaries.

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Taking a trip down memory lane, Bob recounted how his movement from Radio Metro to Highveld became dramatic and led to “a lot of racism”. Both black and white people had a thing or two to tell him.

“It was not easy. There was a lot of racism. When I left Radio Metro and joined Highveld, black people called me a sell-out and white people called me the (K-word). You feel like you’re in no man’s land. Pioneering is a lonely thing,” Bob said.

Notably, radio legend Bob Mabena dominated the headlines in the late 90’s after the SAMA award-winning rapper and radio jock left the then Radio Metro for a show on Highveld Stereo.

Bob’s decision to switch stations sparked off a lot of controversies with people calling him all sorts of names. Nonetheless, the DJ remained unfazed and eventually won over his critics.

Eventually, he left Highveld in 2003 to focus on his other business interests. Apparently, he felt the need to spread his wings and be experienced in a number of areas.

Thus, Bob wants to use his story to inspire anyone who hopes to break the mould. With a little persistence, you can achieve what is not expected of you and more.

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“Eventually it (your ideas and goals) comes around and people start seeing what you doing and are like ‘if he can do that, I can do so much more,” Bob explained.

And you have to take his word for it…