Radio Jock Tbo Touch Takes #DataMustFall Campaign To The Next Level


The #DataMustFall campaign is about to go to the next level as radio jock Tbo Touch is set to present the issue to the parliament.

Tbo Touch is expected to address the parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Telecommunications and Postal Services on Wednesday by 9am. Subsequently, he hopes to make sure his mammoth fight against the high cost of data in SA doesn’t go in vain.

It’s already a week since radio jock Tbo Touch spearheaded the #DataMustFall campaign. So far, the campaign has been enjoying massive popularity on social media.

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The campaign initiated to battle against the high cost of data dominated the social media on last week. The fact that the issue concerns almost everyone in the society makes it a very sensitive one. In fact, people have to deal with this issue on a daily basis and it doesn’t get any better. Thus, Touch and other high-profile personalities have taken a stand against the high data costs.

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille joined the list of top personalities who are in support of the campaign.

Radio Jock Tbo Touch On #DataMustFall Movement

What inspired the campaign was the challenges faced by students when it comes to accessing information.

Tbo Touch tweeted;

“#DataMustFall Let’s bring the price down. This will enable every student to access textbooks online for those who can’t afford it, stream lectures.”

“Young people should be able to enjoy the benefits of e-learning by downloading textbooks online or catching up on a lecture on Youtube‚ but they can’t do that because everything revolves around data and wifi‚” he added during an interview.

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Meanwhile, the campaign seems to be making waves as shortly after unveiling it‚ Touch revealed that he has been invited by parliament to present his case in front of the ICT committee.

As a result‚ Touch has made a clarion call for supporters of the campaign to join him in parliament on Wednesday. He also urged anyone with some bright ideas to send  them so that he can include them in his address.