Finally! R87-Million Powerball Jackpot Winner Steps Forward


After keeping everyone in suspense for days, a man has come forward as the record breaking R87-million Powerball jackpot winner.

Several reports confirmed on Thursday that Lottery operator Ithuba had validated the ticket presented by the Limpopo man.

Apparently, the man has become a multi millionaire through a ticket purchased for a meagre R20 at a filling station in Mokopane.

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Businessman John Mphosi as the national lottery retailer sold the winning ticket few hours before the draw at one of his Global filling stations.

As they continued to wait for the lucky winner to come forward, Mphosi and his staff were overwhelmed by calls and visits from people who believed they were the R87-million Powerball jackpot winner.

“There is a lot of excitement around it. I have asked my employees if they remember who bought the winning ticket, but none of them did because it was such a busy day.

“We have even gone through CCTV footage, but it’s difficult to point out exactly who bought the winning ticket from it.”

The first mega-jackpot lottery winner in South Africa about 16 years ago‚ pocketed almost R14-million. Five years ago, he was overwhelmed by debts.

Batsirayi Mupfawi‚ was a chauffeur for golfer Ernie Els’ manager Nick Frangos for 15 years. After the big win on April 8‚ 2000 through a R5 lottery ticket‚ he bought himself a R1.6-million home and took his family to Disneyland.

However, Mupfawi later got himself entangled in serious debt while running his own cross-border trucking company five years ago. To pay off the debts, his flat was auctioned leaving him in serious financial crisis.

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Nevertheless, he confessed at the time that at least he was better off than most lottery winners whose millions led to tears.

“I have read so many stories about Lotto winners who died early‚” he said. Mupfawi wasn’t lying as there has been several stories of lottery winner who ended up really poor, in jail or even dead.