EFF – Hail Socialism! And Workers Will Earn A R4,500 Minimum Wage


It’s workers day, and the EFF says socialism must be enthroned and capitalism discarded to better the gains of workers. Labor brokers must fall and workers must earn a R4,500 minimum wage across all industries, the fighters charged.

The EFF said it’s only socialism that will end the strife of the working class. And that they are the only party in parliament that represents the socialist agenda designed to overthrow capitalism through the attainment of economic freedom.

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“Only when society ends the rule of the principle of production for profit and profit maximization and produces for peoples’ needs will the exploitation that many of the people in world end, particularly in the developing countries.”

Referring to South Africa, EFF said workers in the country are defined by low wages and ” precarious labor contracts that are characterized by long working hours without benefits and a permanent contract.”

To them, the apartheid organization of work remains in tact in South Africa industries as black workers in are racially discriminated, and earn less than their white counterparts for the same job.

In the meantime, the party called for a complete ban on labor brokers. According to the EFF, they “are the foundation of many precarious labor contracts everywhere.”

And also, demanded for “the legalization of a R4,500 minimum wage for all industries so that no one works for less than R4,500 anywhere in the country for anything.”

Meanwhile, the Federal Leader of the Democratic Alliance, Mmusi Maimane said it’s not alright to celebrate Workers’ Day whereas 1 in every 3 people in South Africa currently cannot find work.

“At a time when 8.2 million South Africans are without a job, we can no longer afford to have poorly thought-out laws that make finding a job even harder.

Everyone has a right to earn a living, accumulate wealth, live where we want, love who we want, say what we believe, develop our talents and pursue our dreams. But without a job, we can never realize these freedoms,” Maimane indicated.

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President Zuma said his government is committed to ensuring the welfare and good working conditions for workers.

“We have strong labor laws which protect the employees from exploitation…The struggle of the workers is known throughout the world. But the question we should ask is do the workers understand the powers of their strengths? If they do not, it’s difficult to wage the struggle,” Zuma argued.

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