PP Mkhwebane’s 100 Days In Office: Mandosela Slams Busisiwe Over False News


The brawl between the former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela and her successor Busisiwe Mkhwebane has continued to worsen with Thuli Madonsela slamming Mkhwebane for giving what she referred to as “false news” to the people during her “Public Protector’s 100 Days In Office”

Speaking to news reporters a while after Mkhwebane’s Public Protector’s 100 Days In Office, Madonsela said her successor dished out false news and lies to the people and tried to ‘legitimize injustice’.

Madonsela went on to quell rumours that she’s been working with Mkhwebane since her emergence as people’s advocate late last year and that Mkhwebane’s comments about her was the last straw for her and she has now decided to break her silence and speak.

“I’ve noted the false news about the car and Advocate Mkhwebane and I supposedly working together. I’ve maintained silence because I believe that’s a proper thing to do but it’s not true that I still have to pay the money for the car or that I abused any car.”

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Madonsela directed her anger to the declarations made in Mkhwebane’s news conference that Madonsela would be charged nearly R500 000 for allegedly using her state-provided BMW for longer than she should have and for her son allegedly crashing the car years ago after driving it without permission.

Madonsela already said last year that the auditor-general had found she would not be liable for those damages, as she had not given her son permission to drive the car before his accident.

About the leaked record she had with President Jacob Zuma, Madonsela maintains that she did nothing wrong, as a transcript of the full recording had already been in the public domain and she was attempting to show that Zuma had not been telling the truth when saying that he had not been given the chance to state his side of the alleged state capture matter.

The former advocate explained that she has been trying to object to the amount charged through official channels, but is simply being ignored as Mkhwebane is determined to seek revenge for Zuma by making her #PayBackForZuma instead of the so-called  #PayBackTheMoney.

She also described her relationship with Mkhwebane as one that has been fraught from the outset, with Mkhwebane refusing to be part of a handover process, and that her emails to Madonsela had in fact been angry and dismissive.

She reportedly confirmed that she was made aware by her former colleagues that Mkhwebane had told a group of international ombudspersons that she would boycott their event if they invited Madonsela.

“It’s not true that we are working together, quite the opposite. After unilaterally canceling a handover meeting that was to take place on Monday afternoon being Adv Mkhwebane’s first day of office [in October 2016]. Adv Mkhwebane refused to reschedule despite my written requests to her and sending my PA to hers to ask hers,” she said.

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Meanwhile, Mkhwebane, during her Public Protector’s 100 Days In Office, maintained that the tension between herself and Madonsela has been created by the media. “I don’t hate advocate Thuli Madonsela. We worked together and even before the audio was released, we spoke.”

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