ANC Insists On Reducing Number Of Provinces In South Africa


As South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) has a lot of decision making to do for South Africa.

And, the party is milking all the juice it could get from the opportunity.

Not long past, BuzzSouthAfrica reported that the party’s choice to head the country’s Arts and Culture Ministry, Nathi Mthethwa, expressed a desire to rename the country in the interest of “what’s good for its people.”

The Minister inferred that it’s unfortunate for a liberated country to retain its colonial name.

To him, the name South Africa isn’t a name. It’s just geographical description of where the country is situated. “To tell the truth,” the Minister said, “the country does not have a name.”

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Now, it has emerged that ANC is set to reduce the number of provinces in South Africa from nine to six. The party has been toying with the idea since 2007.

Sometimes in 2012, Nomaindia Mfeketo a member of the party’s national executive committee related that Zuma has been instructed to appoint a commission that will deliberate on how to demarcate the provinces.

“We’re looking at how this country can be divided so that it serves every person who lives in the particular pocket in this country.

It’s not only the social integration, it’s also about provinces that are financially viable and will be able to deliver services to their constituency,” Mfeketo said.

Severally, it has been expressed that ANC wants to reduce the number of provinces in South Africa so that it can retain its dwindling popularity among South Africans.

Precisely, it’s said that the ruling party wants to incorporate parts of the Eastern Cape into the Western Cape in order to do away with the Democratic Alliance (DA) leadership in the Western Cape province.

ANC has, however, maintained that the quest to reduce the number of provinces in South Africa was inspired by the need to improve service delivery.

At the recently concluded ANC policy conference, it was agreed that everything should be in place for slashing the country’s number of provinces before the party’s elective conference in December.

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Speaking about this, ANC’s Obed Bapela said:

“We have to harmonise powers and functions of provinces and local government because, in some areas, there is contestation of space…(we want to do away with the) concentration of resources.

“A lot of money goes to provinces and, when you go to municipalities, the equitable share currently is 9%. It used to be 7% (2007), and yet a lot of service delivery ought to happen at the municipalities,” argued Bapela.