Pastor Mboro Says ‘Prophet Of Doom’ Is Reducing People To Insects


Controversial prophet Mboro who recently blessed himself with a brand new BMW i8 Series has added his voice to the chorus of those lambasting the Doom-spraying prophet.

Lethebo Rabalago was labelled ‘Prophet of Doom’ when pictures of him spraying congregants with the insecticide (Doom) went viral.

This caused a widespread outrage as the pastor claims the insecticide will heal and exorcise the congregants.

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A lot of people including prophet Mboro condemned the act. In fact, Mboro went ahead to tag his actions as “abuse” and “an attack on Christianity”. Mboro added that Lethebo is reducing people to mere insects by spraying insecticide on them.

“He is degrading human beings with harmful substances. He is poisoning his congregation and reducing people to insects. This is not the power of God. This is satanic. It is an attack on the black child and on Christianity,” Mboro said.

He also expressed concern over the effect the act will have on the younger generation. The harm might be much more than we anticipated.

“Children will see these things and think it is okay to spray each other in the eye with Doom. They will walk around hurting each other saying that it is in the name of God. This must stop,” Mboro said.

“If you are a prophet, you must perform miracles that will help others – not spray them like insects. I am not saying that he is not a prophet but the Bible says that ‘you shall know them by their actions and their fruits,'” he added.

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Mboro had allegedly tried to meet with Lethebo to speak to him and offer his counsel. However, members of the EFF had stormed the church before their meeting and the pastor had apparently “run away”.

Nevertheless, he offered to lift him up in prayers instead.