Alert! Producers Warn Of Isibaya Audition Scam


Bomb Productions has exposed the recent Isibaya audition scam which some get-rich-quick individuals are using to squeeze out cash from unsuspecting individuals.

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With Christmas around the corner, there’s pressure on everyone to gather a lot of money to celebrate and show off.

As a result, scammers are launching new strategies to swindle hard earned money from those who fall victim.

In this case, the scammers asked interested individuals to send short videos of themselves. In addition, they will have to pay to audition for the show.

Also‚ victims are asked to pay R1‚250 to be a part of the ‘’casting agency“. And to spice it up, the scammers promised to pay successful candidates the sum of R950 a day for all their efforts.

Meanwhile, Bomb Productions who are the real producers of the show shared Screenshots of the scam on their official Twitter page. They also made it clear that the company would never ask fans to pay to audition for a show.


The recent Isibaya audition scam is just one out of many. A lot of other soapies has been plagued by fake auditions in the past.

Earlier this year, Muvhango’s production team warned the general public about an audition scam. Consequently, the show had to sever ties with its casting agency because the agency’s name was used falsely in the scam.

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A more recent one is the SABC 1 drama Uzalo scam which came up three months after that of Muvhango. The producers of the show warned of a fake Facebook page advertising auditions for the show;

“Uzalo is definitely not holding any auditions. Any reports that the production is holding auditions are false‚ and we urge the public to ignore these announcements‚ and to look to the official Uzalo Facebook‚ Twitter and Instagram pages for any announcements about such developments,” Uzalo publicist Marang explained at the time.

Therefore, anyone who wants to embark on the race for stardom must tread with caution. Be warned! Don’t fall a victim.