Edward Zuma Drops A Piece Of Advice For His Father’s Critics


President Zuma’s eldest son, Edward Zuma has advised his father’s critics to stop the growing calls for proof on Nkandla repayment.

Speaking in an open letter, Zuma argued that under normal circumstances; the reimbursement of the non-security upgrades at Nkandla would be “heralded the full and final end to the matter”.

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He said: “When President Zuma paid the R7.8m amount relating to the non-security upgrades; true to form, the Nkandla matter received a new currency; instead of being received and perceived as a fossil that it is objective. Under normal circumstances, the payment would have heralded the full and final end to the matter as a lucrative media source.”

Zuma also used the medium to slam media houses across the country for turning the repayment into an opportunity to escalate their desperation and curiosity; trying to ascertain how he got the money and proofs that he actually paid it.

President Zuma’s Eldest Son Attacks The Media

He described the headlines of these so-called media houses as a “cardinal path which drives and hegemonies all conversations of the socio-economic life of South Africa.” To him, this act speaks volume about the kind of poor mental application; and selective moral righteousness that has visited South Africa.

Appalled by the negative influence of these so-called media on South Africans; Zuma expressed sadness that citizens have allowed themselves to collapse under the weight of media collusion; making them pliable fodders for what in any credible thought is brave-faced propaganda.

President Zuma’s eldest son’s statement follow growing calls for proof of Nkandla repayment. The call was spearheaded by the Democratic Alliance (DA); who through its leader Mmusi Maimane; insisted on the importance of Zuma presenting the proof to the National Assembly.

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The DA made the calls after presidency spokesperson Bongani Ngqulunga; and Treasury spokesperson; Yolisa Tyantsi announced on Monday that Zuma has paid the money for the non-security upgrades at his Nkandla home.

Making the Zuma’s nightmare scarier; his meanest opposition group; the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) also promised to seek legal advice on whether the president should be criminally charged or not.