Constitutional Court Rejects NPA’s Appeal On Zuma’s 783 Corruption Charges


BuzzSouthAfrica has confirmed that the Constitutional Court has refused to hear the National Prosecuting Authority’s (NAP) appeal on the North Gauteng High Court decision regarding President Zuma’s 783 corruption charges.

You’ll recall that the full bench of the High Court reinstated the 783 charges after about seven-years battle by the Democratic Alliance (DA) party.

The Court ordered that the decision to discontinue the prosecution against Zuma’s 783 corruption charges must be discarded.

This was after a seven-year battle by the DA. The court ruled that the decision to discontinue the prosecution against the president should be reviewed and set aside.

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However, NPA few months ago, disclosed that it will go for a leave to appeal the High Court rule.

With the latest development, the DA in a statement, remarked that the Constitutional Court’s refusal to hear the NPA appeal, highlights the deliberate attempts by the NPA and Jacob Zuma to do everything possible to delay Mr Zuma having his day in court.

Speaking for DA in his capacity as the party’s Federal Council Chairperson, James Selfe said:

“The DA has argued that there are no reasonable prospects of success nor are there any other compelling reasons why the appeal should be heard. The full bench of the North Gauteng High Court fully ventilated the issues and they too came to the determination that an appeal to the SCA would be unsuccessful.”

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With that, Selfe proclaimed that the DA is confident that the Supreme Court of Appeal will come to a similar conclusion.

“It is time for Jacob Zuma, and his captured institutions of state to stop delaying the inevitable. Zuma, like every other South African charged with a crime, must have his day in court and answer for the 783 charges against him. The constitutional principle of the Rule of Law depends on it,” DA affirmed.

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