President Jacob Zuma will today, be presenting the Presidency’s budget vote in the National Assembly this afternoon.

The president who has in the past weeks faced two significant court rulings against him, will be appearing in the National Assembly.

In his Presidency budget vote last year, Zuma was positive, he insisted that South Africa had a good story to tell, reaping a firestorm of opposition criticism. Perhaps this year’s budget might take a different toll.

The presidency has in the present years, been faced with harsher times. He was first condemned by the country’s apex court for using tax payers’money to upgrade his home  and the second which took place place last week was the North Gauteng High Court’s ruling that the decision to drop more than 700 fraud and corruption charges against him in 2009 was irrational and that he should answer them.

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Zuma’s government has been lashed by ANC’s strong opposition parties- the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

In fact, the EFF had in a recent interview with a news line, said through its leader Julius Malema, that it would physically  prevent’ Zuma from speaking again in Parliament. This might be put to test today as the president would be appering once more before the parliament.

Zuma will be speaking after calls not only from opposition parties, but also from within his own party, that he do the right thing and step down while hotly contested local government elections are just three months away.

The debate is set to start at 2pm this afternoon and Zuma is expected to reply to the debate tomorrow afternoon.

Meanwhile, the EFF leader, Malema, has accused the Independent Election Commission of  rigging past elections and saying his party would not give room for a repeat. He went on to promise to shake up local government with new plans to hold ward councillors accountable and says it only needs five years in government to prove itself.

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“The IEC must be like the judiciary, you must be independent. You stole our votes in Alexandra, the IEC got used to rig elections. We’re warning you, they’ll never defeat the power of black nations.” he said.

However, the Cooperative Governance Ministry refuted this claim saying Malema has no evidence proving his alleged rigging.

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