President Zuma To Lead The Prayer For Peace At Stadium Event


President Zuma would today, be leading the nation in an intense prayer for peace and for a “successful and peaceful 2016 Local Government Elections”.

The office of the presidency stated this on Wednesday saying Zuma will “officiate at the National Day of Prayer at Absa Stadium in Durban”.

“On the day of the prayer service‚ leaders of religious and civil society formations will join the government in praying also for national unity‚ social cohesion as well as for rain and the promotion of water conservation under the persistent drought conditions‚” it said.

“According to the released statement by the presidency, this year’s celebrations will not only be in prayer for peace but also to reflect on tragic events of last year in parts of Durban and Johannesburg where some foreign nationals‚ especially those from the African continent‚ were tragically attacked.

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The presidency also explained that the prayer service will further promote unity, peaceful co-existence, and encourage communities to continue fighting xenophobia‚ racism and any form of intolerance.

This prayer session becomes necessary for the country following series of the political crisis faced by the government in recent times. President Zuma would also be needing much of the prayers to withstand harsh times especially as strong opposition parties like have vowed to make his government a living hell.

The leader of the Economic Freedom fighters (EFF) categorically vowed in a statement on Tuesday that President Jacob Zuma will never be allowed to speak his mind in Parliament peacefully until he finally bows out of the presidential office.

Malema said this while he and the rest of the party’s MPs were ejected out of the national Assembly at the request of speaker Baleka Mbete. There, he added that it was not business as usual and that Zuma would never see “peace” during the remainder of his term.

“These bouncers must know that if they give violence‚ we will respond with violence. We’re not scared‚ we’re debating in parliament. Anyone who manhandles us must know we’ve got the same capacity. No one has a monopoly on violence. This parliament will never be the same. Want them to call the army. Zuma is not our president. The day he breached the constitution that’s the day he kissed the office of president goodbye.

“The only thing that will bring peace here is when Zuma resigns as a sign of respect to constitutional court and constitution‚” said Malema.

The 2016 municipal elections will be held on August 3, 2016, for all districts and local municipalities in all 9 provinces. The people will elect the members of the district, metropolitan and local municipal councils, who, in turn, will elect the mayors of the municipalities to the office.

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However, the Democratic Alliance Leader, Mmusi Maimane reiterated the need for intensive prayer for the nation; he said South Africa has entered a period of hope.

Maimane who was addressing congregants of Faithway Bible Church in Soweto said this is not the time to say the country was better before but a time for “us to look forward to saying look we know where we come from maybe the graves there were better but we are going  to look forward, we are going to cross this red sea.”

Let’s join the president as he takes the lead in the prayer for peace of the country.