President Zuma Calls South Africans Lazy And Bares His Preference For Dictatorship


In a recent statement, President Jacob has been quoted as saying that South Africans are lazy people who expect handouts from the government instead of working for themselves. He hinted that since the shackles of apartheid were loosened, South Africans have become slack in doing things for themselves.

Speaking to the SA Local Government Association in Johannesburg on Tuesday, Zuma made known his desire to become a dictator, detailed all the things he would change if he was actually a dictator. His statements have made waves around the country making people to question his motives and ambition for the country.

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“If I were a dictator I would make a lot if changes, but we live in a democracy,” he was quoted as saying. Then he went ahead to itemize some of the things that he would want to change saying he would start by putting an end to social grants:

“Sometimes I worry when people demand things for free, even things they can do for themselves,” the president was quoted as saying by TimesLive.

Zuma went on to share an anecdote of a visit he made to an unnamed African country during the liberation struggle, reported Sapa.

“I got there and people were working very slowly, they were not in a rush, and I asked the comrade who was taking me, ‘What’s happening?’

“He said people don’t work fast, people say they are free. The white man has left, they are now free.”

Zuma warned that freedom is “not something that is in the air”.

He also complained that South Africans tend to “exaggerate” about their problems and wait for government to sort everything out, instead of making any effort to help themselves. “The fellow spreads the sack on the ground, waiting for the mango to drop. He is lazy to climb the tree and pick the mangoes. Why? Because we are free,” he said.

“We shouldn’t be like that. Sometimes I worry when people demand everything, even things they can do themselves.”

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There have been a lot of reactions to the speech with majority feeling that his statements were hypocritical coming from a man who has four wives and whose daughter was made chief at 25. It was said to also reveal an inner ambition by the president to imprison the people of South Africa under a dictatorship.

It would be recalled that sometime in 2012, M&G had reported that Zuma’s comrades at the ANC’s national executive committee meeting had called him a dictator to his face after he fired former police commissioner Bheki Cele, shut the door on former ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema and shook up his Cabinet.

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