Who Promoted Our President? He’ll Now Be Pocketing R239‚568 Every Month


As culled from a Times Live report, Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma – our honorable president and the first citizen of the Republic of South Africa has bagged a pay increase and will be receiving R7, 876 each day as the leader of the nation.

The report disclosed that with two MPs abstaining, 81 voted against whereas 172 voted for the increase which saw the National Assembly approve the President’s pay rise that represents a 4.5% increase on his previous salary.

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More so, the president’s annual salary now at R2,874,821 will be backdated to the first day of April 2015 irrespective of oppositions from opposing parties like the DA, EFF, Cope and ACDP.

While the EFF called for a complete freeze on Zuma’s pay pending the Constitutional Court judgment on the Nkandla issue, suggesting that the president ought not to be paid anymore, the DA, Cope and ACDP contended that he should receive no increase.

But then, the ruling party, IFP, NFP, UDM and Agang regarded those opposing the increase as hypocrites. They pointed out that nothing should prevent the president from getting the increase as even the MPs against it have already, received the same 4.5% increase which was as well backdated to 1st April 2015.

John Steenhuisen – DA’s chief whip responded to that arguing that MPs championed good works for the benefit of all South Africans whereas the president consistently endangered the nation’s economy with his decisions.

Also, while Sam Matiase EFF’s MP pointed out that Zuma broke his oath of office, ACDP’s Cheryllyn Dudley commented that the economic situation of South Africa cannot permit Zuma to be granted the increase.

However, Doris Dlakude the acting chief whip of the ruling party defended the president when she reportedly stated that ” even racist MPs received pay increases‚ yet they denied Zuma the same.”

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