ANC Reminds South Africans About Mandela’s Stern Warning Against DA


Did you know that former President Nelson Mandela never believed in the Democratic Alliance (DA) until he passed away?

This is not just a speculation but the truth which the ruling party believes every South African who loves Mandela must admit.

On Sunday, Mandela’s sentiments about the Democratic Alliance was a recurring theme at the African National Congress’s Siyanqoba rally; where President Jacob Zuma used the iconic leader’s words to convince supporters not to vote for the opposition party.

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In a separate speech also, Eastern Cape ANC leader; Mlibo Qoboshiyane, told reporters that Mandela was severally and strongly opposed by the DA when Tony Leon was the leader of the party.

In fact, Qoboshiyane said former President Nelson Mandela won’t be blamed should South Africans highball the opposition party to power because the DA has all the earmarks of a typical apartheid party.

Not only that, he said the DA’s height in tackling racism in its internal structures apparently low and unimpressive.

“They opposed him… The first organisation to oppose Nelson Mandela was the DA under Tony Leon. That is what Madiba left understanding; that only the DA stands to oppose him. Even on his grave he knew that he warned people against the DA,” he alleged.

In addition, Qoboshiyane expressed happiness over the number of DA senior leaders who defected to the ruling party on Saturday.

He said the defection clearly shows that the DA only turned to use the majority of black people without dealing with the very intricate problems of racism.

He was speaking ahead of ANC’s Siyanqoba rally at Buffalo City stadium.

Political parties in South Africa having been working on their loose ends ahead of August 3 elections.

Last week, DA leader Mmusi Maimane unveiled banners asking South Africans to honour Mandela by voting for the DA.

But this move failed to go down well with the ANC, who condemned in the strongest terms, the desperate lengths to which the DA stoops to dupe voters.

The party argued that president Nelson Mandela’s name can never be associated with betrayal of South Africa’s struggle.

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“The use of his voice in an attempt to lend credibility to a party that has made the preservation of white privilege its raison d’être is vile and untruthful.

It is a violation of the letter and spirit of South Africa’s electoral code for one party to abuse and defile the image of another,” the ANC said.

Meanwhile, ahead of the election; DA’s Maimane has urged party supporters to “punish” the ANC because DA is the only party that champions former President Nelson Mandela’s legacy.

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