#OpenUpTheIndustry Exhumed After Famous Bonang Bags MAMAs Gig


MTV’s announcement that popular Bonang Matheba will replace Trevor Noah as the host of this year’s MAMAs was received with feelings.

Shortly after the sudden twist of events, Twitter was set on fire with some fans calling for Phat Joe to host the glitzy event, while others said they are just tired of seeing her (Bonang) face.

Meanwhile, some other fans took the opportunity to resurrect a topic that has always insisted that established famous faces should #OpenUpTheIndustry.

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“We are tired of her face” dominated the messages which inundated the streets of Twitter. Apparently, quite a few fans were unimpressed that an already popular Bonang Matheba would be hosting this year’s MAMAs.

Thus, it didn’t take long before some disgruntled Twitter users exhumed the #OpenUpTheIndustry debate from wherever it was neatly stashed. There was chaos as some users slammed MTV’s decision to use Bonang who is a well-known celebrity, instead of looking for fresh talent.

Trevor, whom Bonang would replace at the event, took everyone by surprise on Friday morning when he made the announcement. According to the comic icon, he will no longer be gracing South African to host the international event. This was as a result of a severe respiratory and ear infection that has persisted. Thus, doctors ordered him to get some rest.

Evidently, this gave organisers of the show very little time to find a worthy replacement as Trevor’s withdrawal came at the eleventh hour. As a result, they went for Bonang, considering her experience and all.

This was what some users held onto to support MTV’s decision. Given that the event is global and millions of people will be watching, it would be a huge risk to chose a TV novice to host the MAMAs.

Thus, considering the fact that the host has less than 24 hours to get his act together, Bonang is not a bad choice at all.