Pics: Check Out Prophet Mboro’s New BMW i8 Series


Controversial pastor Mboro, who is also the founder of Incredible Happenings Ministries, has decided to ride in style from now on.

South Africa’s ‘prophet’ Paseka “Mboro” Motsoeneng did not just buy himself a new car; he went for a state of the art new black BMW i8 series.

Social media users welcomed the news with much excitement. This was after the BMW outlet where he acquired his fancy wheels from tweeted their congratulations.

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Pastor Mboro

“Congratulations to Pastor Motsoeneng ( Mboro) on taking delivery of your new BMW i8,” the outlet tweeted.

Pastor Mboro

Twitter users have re-tweeted the post more than 1000 times.

In one of the pictures, a proud prophet Mboro was spotted, posing beside the brand new car. With the doors hanging open, one could see a fine dazzling interior.

‘Prophet’ Mboro has often been trailed by controversy from different angles. At one point, he asked the female members of his church to bring their underwear for anointing.

According to him, the ‘holy pants’ will protect them from evil.

A few months ago, the controversial prophet went to Jacaranda FM to give a vivid description of the process of blessing the underpants.

In his description, he painted the picture of “an invisible man” who visits people in the night while they sleep; rapes them most times and as a result; they contract sexually transmitted diseases or even develop disorders.

Meanwhile, pastor Mboro refuted claims that he went to heaven and took a selfie. This was in reaction to the outburst of photographs of him in heaven which went viral on the internet around Easter.

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The pastor is currently in a battle with the state broadcaster (SABC) for allegedly defrauding him. According to pastor Mboro, the SABC swindled him of more than half-a-million rand he paid to promote his church on air.

Apparently, he bought some air time but never got his money’s worth and now, he wants his money back.

Nevertheless, it seems the controversial pastor is not feeling the heat from the dwindling economy considering his latest achievement.