Photos: Killers Of Mozambican Emmanuel Sithole All Apprehended


A video went viral last Friday that showed the brutal killing of Mozambican Emmanuel Sithole who was walking down a street when four South Africans surrounded him. Sithole pleaded for mercy, but it was already too late. The attackers bludgeoned him with a wrench and stabbed him with knives, all in broad daylight.

According to the camera man who caught the entire sordid act James Oatway ,

“They wanted one thing and that was to kill Emmanuel. They wanted his blood and nothing was going to stop them from doing that.”

Oatway says he tried to get as close as possible, conscious of the fact that the attackers were aware of his presence. “When the attack started I was 20 meters (65 feet) away, but at one point I was 4 or 5 meters away,” he said. “I did think that maybe they would leave him alone.”

But they never did because they kept on with the attack until they got what they wanted. Emmanuel Sithole died later that day when he was rushed to the hospital. This is not just a random act because the rescue people who rushed him to the hospital confirmed that all of his belongings were still intact, his cell phones, his wallet, and even the money in his pocket, they never wanted anything from him. All they wanted was to see him dead.

But thanks to the ever active SA Police, the four people who were caught in the photos that went viral have been apprehended, all thanks to the photos taken by James Oatway. These are the suspects, all four of them:


See the graphic photos of how they killed him.




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