There Is A Lot Of Corruption, We Should’ve Said To President; Walk Away, Just Go! – Phosa


Former ANC National Executive Committee member, Mathews Phosa has reiterated his call for Mr Zuma to vacate his office as the leader of the nation. Phosa insisted that the Nkandla issues is scandalous whichever-way and that the President is politically and morally irresponsible for refusing to resign.

He as well lashed the ruling party, regarding it a weakling without the nerve to deal with the negatives against Zuma decisively.

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Irrespective of the decision by the ANC to embrace President Zuma’s apology, the former ANC Treasurer-General said he will never accept Zuma’s apology.

Phosa told EWN that “parliament’s failure to act responsibly in that situation and do the right things” is unacceptable.

“What happened to the ANC?” He asked and stated that the party was “afraid to set an example at the highest level.

We should have said to the president, ‘We are not a court of law, but you have made fundamental errors. You are the custodian of the Constitution and you have not protected it. Set an example. Walk away. Just go.'”

He thereafter, referred to the state capture allegation saying: “there is a lot or corruption and it’s become systemic in government. Instead of hitting the heart of corruption, to protect one another, we introduce a culture of immunity. It’s wrong for the ANC to do that.”

Zuma helped his children “line their pockets with the help of others and to live off the state’s coffers,” Phosa added.

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Also, he asserted that the ongoing trouble the Treasury is facing is inspired by greed and can ruin the country.

“By continuing to attack Treasury and the minister of finance, we are committing suicide. We will die and the economy will collapse. We need to stop and protect what is working,” he charged.