IPHC Modise’s First Wife Leaves Family’s Multimillion-rand Estate


late International Pentecost Holiness Church (IPHC) leader Reverend Glayton Modise’s first wife has been asked to to leave the church’s headquarters in Zuurbekom, southwest of Johannesburg, following the war over the multi million rand estate.

The former leader’s first wife, Mirriam (also known as Mmapoloko) obtained a court order to remove her belongings from the property.

Report has it that Modise’s first wife, Mmapoloko was on a full blown war with her co-wife, Pearl Tafu on the true ownership his multi million-rand estate.

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The IPHC 64-year Modise’s first wife, Mmapoloko, approached court to seek relief after she fled the property in April, following running battles with Modise’s second wife Pearl Tafu, also known as Mmamohau.

She arrived in Zuurbekom with about seven removal trucks, some police officers and armed Red Ants security personnel. Awaiting her arrival was a  large crowd of the church’s congregation that supports Tafu, who was in her 30s.

According to reports by press reader, as the officers continued to load the goods onto the trucks, the crowd, made up of mainly young congregants, continued to shout and swear at them.

“We are not afraid of dying. They can’t come to our church and do as they like,” one of the church members angrily said.

Two hours after the police and security officers arrived, the laden trucks left the premises with Mmapoloko’s belongings as the church’s security guards at the gate said Tafu was not home at the time of the raid as she was attending a meeting in Pretoria. She could not be reached for comment yesterday.

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Mmapoloko’s lawyer Simon Seete, who was at the scene, said:

“The church is not above the law. Taking these items is by the book.”

Modise, who died in February this year, led the 3.5 million-strong church after inheriting it from his father Frederick in 1998.