Freedom Day: People’s Assembly Reveals Shocking Plans For Zuma


South Africa’s newly-formed movement, People’s Assembly has promised to paint President Zuma black on April 27 being South Africa’s freedom day when the nation celebrates freedom and commemorates the first post-apartheid elections held on that day in 1994.

People’s Assembly Nationwide Meeting

The movement, whose aim is to have Zuma removed from office reveals that it would be occupying public spaces on the Freedom Day. The body stated this after holding public meetings across the country on Saturday. The meeting was attended by hundreds of people from all walks of life, including ANC veterans, church leaders and politicians. Also, UDM leader Bantu Holomisa, Cope President Mosiuoa Lekota, EFF National Chairman Advocate Dali Mpofu and Ronnie Kasrils, a founding member of Umkhonto we Sizwe and former minister of intelligence were present.

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Over 75 civil society organisations have aligned themselves with the movement and have continued to call for all-round restoration in the country. Meanwhile, People’s Assembly asserted also that it would be embarking on a ‘Save South Africa’ march to Luthuli House on Monday.

Speakers told the gathering at the University of Johannesburg Soweto Campus in Pimville that it is apparently necessary to heighten the #ZumaMustFall campaign and that it will  start with a programme of mass action which will be rolled out on Freedom Day to remove President Jacob Zuma.

ZUMA must goo

Cope’s Lekota said SA did not have a president and that the National Assembly should be dissolved to allow for early national elections.

Speaking also, Mark Heywood of Section 27 said, “Government knows about the levels of discontent that exists, and if government doesn’t act on that discontent, doesn’t act on the people’s demands about the president then what government is going to see is an escalating movement of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions of people saying this corrupt South Africa, this South Africa of hunger, and poverty and inequality, is not the South Africa we dreamed of, is not the South Africa that the constitution envisaged.

We want that South Africa, and that’s what people who are here are saying.”

Lending his voice too, United Front coordinator Dinga Sikwebu asserted that “More than 50 years ago, our organisations and leaders said that the time comes in the life of any nation where they have two choices to [either] submit or fight. We have reached that T-junction. We as a nation must make a decision whether we fight or submit.”

On the other hand, Lebohang Phanyeko of #OutsourcingMustFall movement stated that the assembly needs to think about Zuma’s successor.

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“We must also bear in mind that if Zuma falls, the ANC will tell us that we are going to replace him with the deputy president. Zuma is not a problem alone. The problem is the entire ANC. If Zuma goes, the ANC must go,” Phanyeko said.

Some flyers which were brandished at the meeting indicated that President Zuma’s leadership is manking little or no sense to the masses. One of them reads, “Food profiteers are CRIMINALS. They must go with ZUMA.”