The Snake Pastor Is At It Again!


Controversial founder of End Times Disciples Ministries Penuel Mnguni is at it again with his weird ways of allegedly ministering the word of God to people.

The controversial pastor who has earned himself the title ‘snake pastor’ boldly claimed to have transformed a “straight man to become gay” during the weekend.

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As revealed by a post on the church’s Facebook page, the so called pastor ordered a man to be gay and it came to pass

“As the man of God was ministering, he commanded the spirit of a homosexual to enter a certain young man and he became gay (homosexual).

“The young man began to walk, make gestures and speak as a gay person.”

After the transition from straight to gay, Penuel Mnguni commanded the spirit out of the man and he became normal again oblivious of what transpired.

“… Through the power of God, he (the man) went back to his normal being. He was unaware of every action he made while the homosexuality spirit had entered him,” the church said.

The requests for comments on the social were ignored by Mnguni who also refused to grant media interviews last week.

However, the post attracted varying reactions on the social media.

Mohau Veronica Motau commented: “Now tell me where in the world does this pastor get the power to turn someone into a homosexual?!?!? tjo haiii” (sic)

Christin Pillay said: “How can you ever go against the word of God. Jesus died for us and you are mocking him. There is a special place in hell just for you.”

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But Mlungisi Daah Ncube seemed to be a fan of his works as deduced from the comment: “Glory to God … I don’t support, but I worship the God in him [Mnguni], I’m not walking in flesh, I’m a spirit being, I’m not going to die, but I’m living.” – Sibongile Mashaba.

Another Facebook post saw Mnguni ordering two followers to “fall into a deep sleep.” After falling into a deep slumber, he beat them with a walking stick and commanded them to wake up. He then asked if they felt any pain from the beating and their reply was in the negative.