Pastor Hamilton Nala: Homosexuals Are Possessed By Demons, Like Aids


South Africa’s Pastor Hamilton Nala of the of the Nala Mandate International in Durban finds himself in a fresh controversy over his opinion about homosexuals.

The pastor who was earlier slammed for saying he has the cure for HIV/AIDS, likened homosexuality to HIV saying those who are gay are possessed by demons and must be delivered.

“I have come to realise, homosexuality is a spirit, whether you are born with it, whether you got it after you were born — it’s like Aids,” Pastor Hamilton Nala said on’s CheckPoint series.

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The TV series went on to analyse how the pastor exorcised demons from followers during one of their deliverance programmes. One of the pastor’s 30,000 followers, who would not want her name announced, was “delivered” narrated how her deliverance took place.

“The king was singing, and I felt something that I had never felt in my whole life.” Since that feeling, her lifestyle has changed, she said, adding that since then, her lifestyle has changed as she is now married with two children.

“I also bought faith water when I came to Nala Mandate, and it is one of the products that has helped me in my journey.”

Another “converted lesbian”, told how she had been cured of her homosexuality by using Nala’s products after which the pastor exorcised the “male spirit” inside of her.

“I grew up liking girls but I hid it,” Thembeka Mbambo said on the show, “because I grew up in a Christian home and considered it shameful.”

“I fell down and the spirit rose up and I saw the spirit in the image of a man. And I asked where it was going because it had been in me for years. The spirit said I am going because you are using Nala’s products.”

“I am very happy today. And I am free, ” she said.

The pastor’s comment has, however, received huge criticism even with the  LGBTI groups making plans to approach the Equality Court over his claim.

Addressing the claims, Reverend Teboho G Klaas- a religion programme officer at The Other Foundation and a pastor in the African Methodist Episcopal Church- called for Pastor Hamilton Nala to be charged to court for violating the South African Constitution regarding the LGBT.

“Clearly, this is a denial of the humanity of LGBTI people. Pastor Nala does not know the hymn lyrics “God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to person; He plants His footsteps in the sea and rides upon every storm”. The hymn ends “Blind unbelief is sure to err and scan His works in vain; God is His own interpreter and He will make it plain”G Klaas said,

“It should go without saying that LGBTI people are God’s creation and no one has the right to deny them their humanity. Claims like the ones made by Pastor Hamilton Nala are deeply irresponsible and result in harm to an already marginalised group of people.”

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The pastor further warned that the word of God should not be used to preach hatred, nor should it be used to capitalise on societies’ vulnerabilities.

“You only have to read Mark 12:31 to know that you shall love your neighbour as you love yourself. It is this love that will heal society of the real pathology, that of homophobia, transphobia and the hatred of the other,” he said.