Papa Penny Penny’s Son: 6 Pictures That Prove He’s Been Hiding Something From Us


Apparently, Papa Penny Penny’s son is the new bae on Twitter and we can’t believe he has been hiding him from us.

While Twitter has always been abuzz because of the reality TV star’s hairstyle or spoken English, the last episode was all about his smoking hot son.

On Wednesday night, fans of Penny Penny’s hit reality show Papa Penny Ahee got a pleasant surprise when the veteran musician introduced his son.

The disco legend held a tombstone unveiling for his fallen family members, including his father. For this reason, family members had to come together in unity.

According to Penny Penny, the ceremony would avail the family an opportunity to come together and try and build relationships. This is exactly what his father would have wanted as specified on his tombstone.

While all these were going on, only one family member caught Twitter’s eye and that’s Papa Penny Penny son Bafana Mdluli.

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The reaction that followed the appearance of the hunky Mdluli was that the internet went a little crazy. Not just a little, fans tweeted hilarious memes and messages declaring him the new people’s bae.

Also, they couldn’t wait to see him again on the show.

Here are some of the comments and Memes over Papa Penny Penny’s son;

Meanwhile, the timing of last night’s episode was so perfect as Mdluli revealed he was single. This was in response to all the sweet comments on his looks.

Nevertheless, he revealed to a friend that he was taking a year off the dating scene because he got dumped. Mdluli said he’s aspiring to be SA’s next top model.

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Now that would be the perfect career for the man.

Take a look at some of his mouth-watering pictures here;

I'm back… I'm I ever gona quite hel no! #zerodaysoff #priceless

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Handsome and single 😂#priceless

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A young #Tbt #priceless

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Meanwhile, he’s even hotter with his clothes off;


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New piece shout out @tazz_maniac

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