‘The Lack Of Black Professors In Oxford, England Is Racist’ – SA Student


Very soon, real soon South Africans are going to cause a major racial movement in the world at large. Lets just hope it’s going to be a positive one. I mean, increasingly, the racial struggles we’re having here in South Africa are being extended to other nations, our citizens residing in other countries are broadening the horizons of the fight against the idea of one race being superior and with the right to dominate others.

Well, it’s a good fight if there’s anything to fight. Otherwise, it’s really a wind chase and it’d be well deserving if we’re regarded by the global community as some bunch of obnoxious and annoying entities who are out to plague the whole world with our nuisance apartheid history. 

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According to reports, a South African student, Ntokozo Qwabe who was a law student at KwaZulu-Natal before he received the Rhodes Scholarship to continue his studies at England’s Oxford University in 2013, says the University of Oxford in England is racist because of the lack of black professors.

Qwabe was the co-founder of the Rhodes must fall campaign in Oxford, with the agenda to decolonize the space, the curriculum, the institutional memory and fight inter-sectional oppression within Oxford. He told SABC that “the structure of violence is” made manifest in the curriculum and the lack of black professors. “This things” he said, “are not just exceptions, they go to the very heart of how Oxford is configured, and how Oxford, as a space is, to be quite frank, racist…that blatant, violent, assault and racism is unacceptable at a university that purports to be inclusive.”

The campaign in Oxford emerged after the Rhodes Must Fall protest in South Africa which was a movement requesting the removal of a statue at the University of Cape Town serving as a memorial of Cecil Rhodes. Qwabe however pointed out that the movement goes beyond the request for the removal of Rhodes’ status at Oxford. According to him, it’s about fighting “structural violence” within the world’s most recognized tertiary institution.

Many have described the accusation of racism at the institution as nonsense. For one thing, it is being argued that majority of the people in England are whites and as such, it is delusional to complain about the absent of many academicians who are black professors in the institution. Below is a video footage.

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