Over 16,000 Volunteers To Be Deployed By The ANC On Election Day


ANC says the party, among other things on its wish list for the August 3 election, hopes for nothing less than an 80% voter turnout in its strongholds and as part of plans to achieve this, the party plans to deploy more than 16,000 volunteers across Cape Town to ensure supporters cast their ballot on  the election day

The party’s mayoral candidate for Cape Town Xolani Sotashe  revealed this, saying the party is relying on a high voter turnout in order to wrest control of the metro from the party’s main opposition, Democratic Alliance (DA).

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“We will have all the door-knockers during the day of election. The message we are sending to people is that they must make sure on the day of elections, they go out in numbers.”

Sotashe and other ANC leaders accompanied President Jacob Zuma on door-to-door campaigns in the ANC strongholds of Khayelitsha and Philippi on Wednessday. There he said that the party is heavily counting on the volunteers to have people vote for the party.

Electioneering is an expensive exercise.

The party’s head of campaigns Nomvula Mokonyane says the cost nationally has breached the R1 billion mark.

“We have the least conferences that we have been hosting. So, the ANC invests a lot of money other than just the t-shirts.”

A number of rallies are planned for the end of this month to coincide with the party’s national Siyanqoba Rally.

meanwhile, President Zuma has maintained his confidence that the ANC will win back Cape Town in the upcoming municipal elections.

“it’s not just a question of lowering down the percentage or the number, but I think it’s a question of the ANC taking over the metro and I think that is backed by facts,” he said as he assures the supporters that the party’s internal factions has been quietly and peacefully resolved.

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However, some community members in areas like Philippi blatantly told the president to address unemployment and crime to win votes on the election day but Zuma told residents they had to ensure Sotashe is elected mayor so that he can address their problems.